Vertical Tabs Stack and fotos

I’m using a Vertical Tabs Stack in Foundry. Is there a way to put a foto in the Tab Stack instead of a label or an icon? Maybe via the Resources folder? I saw an example with a link to unsplash, so how do I get my own pictures in there?
Thank you!

Hi there @Thomka – The label for the tabs cannot be replaced with an image. You can insert images into the content area of each tab. Just drag a Foundry Image tool into the tab’s content section. But the labels for the tabs cannot include an image.

Thank you @elixirgraphics. I have the project file Create from templaterepo. There seems to be an html snippet with a link to unsplash in the label field, and it works. There are three vertical tabs with images, but I did not recieve an answer from templaterepo so far… so maybe I better just stick to a text label.

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It isn’t designed to work that way, but as with most things in web design there’s lots of ways around stuff – usually. If you go that route you might get what you want to work. It isn’t something I offer support for directly though since it isn’t a feature of the Vertical Tabs tool.

Fair enough, thank you!

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