Very new and have a question on is this possible in Foundry?

I have a storyboard design for a site i am trying to build and was trying to figure out if it is possible to have full height column navigation on the main page?

So a full background image with 4 or 5 columns over the top each acting as a nav option to another section or page on scroll over with the details at the bottom describing the selection option. I think there is a wordpress theme that does it and i am trying to find it for an example. Actually found it:

So something similar to this is what i am actually looking to do. more have the option at the bottom be there all the time but when you scroll through the column at any height the bottom expand to show its a navigation to that section.

Apologies, very new to this Foundry and building. Haven’t used RW for 5 years and learning all the terminology is taking time as an old man.


Just a question…if a person is using a mobile device, and the responsive columns are now all vertically inline requiring a scroll to view each one, would that not trigger an event before you could view those below the top column?