Video Backgrounds


Is there a function, built in to one of the foundry stacks, that can make Video backgrounds?

I looked at the backdrop stack and the motion stack but can´t find a setting for that. Or have anyone tried a stack from other developer to accomplish this?

If there is not. It would be one of very few thing missing @elixirgraphics :):blush::blush: See link below what I mean.
Would be nice to be able to choose between different smooth transmissions and overlays.

/ Henrik

No, this is not a stack that you will find in Foundry. It would require users manually encoding and uploading their own videos and then having to also link to them manually. Users would need a pretty good understanding of encoding videos for different devices and platforms. This is not something that I want to add to Foundry at this time.

Ok:) I see.

Is it the same dilemma when using a youtube och Vimeo video as background?

/ Henrik

There are ways to do that, more with Vimeo than with YouTube, due to the way their embeds work, advertising overlays, etc.

It isn’t something that I am interested in including in Foundry though at this time like I mentioned. If that is something you want to use though I am sure there are stacks in the RapidWeaver community that will achieve this, and they’re likely compatible with Foundry. Have a look around the RapidWeave Community site.


Joe Workman makes a stack called Eclipse that will add a background video to a page.

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Don’t forget that BWD SectionsPro does video background and supports MP4, WEBM and OGG. It is free of course but don’t forget to buy Andrew a coffee.


Thanks Steve,

I tried that one now but it seems like it does not scale down properly on mobile. Could it be because it is Youtube video I used?

That’s a question for Gary of doobox. He is very good a responding to support questions for his products.

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