Video banner in F3?

Is there a way to create a looping video banner in Foundry3?

The Nick Cates theme Aspen has this capability built in. See Features | Aspen for RapidWeaver

Surely there is.


Hi @realdavidfreels

You certainly can by simply using the Cinema stack included with Foundry3 - Cinema Stack

All the other features of Foundry 3 can be found in the documentation site :slight_smile: - Foundry 3 Documentation

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Is there a video tutorial for this?

For example, in a F3 project file like Mithril, how do I replace a banner image with the Cinema Stack?


You would use it the same way you’d use a Background tool for a banner. Instead of Background you’d use Cinema. And instead of an image you’d provide links to your compressed and encoded video files within the Cinema settings.