Video banner puzzle

Hi, I opened my new site without fanfare a couple of days ago. The landing page has a hero video banner that uses the Doobox Play stack inside the Foundry Reveal stack.

The video show sunrise over Earth from space. I designed the banner to fade in, then the video should play the sunrise. But it’s delaying far too long, and people aren’t seeing the sunrise - which is the whole point of the video.

If you’re patient for a few seconds, you WILL see it. It plays perfectly in RW8 preview mode.

All software is the latest versions.

Thanks for your time and attention.



@DavidBourke I’m not seeing anything slow in the video. Takes about 6 seconds to fully play … but given the nature of the video that seems about right. Is it taking longer for you?

Video doesn’t play at all on mobile, and I think you should take a look at the Foundry Margins stack, as your content is very thin.

Thanks for responding.

The sun never rises - I wait 40-90 seconds. Viewing in Safari 14.1.1 on a 2017 MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14.6, and in Safari 14.1.1 on a 2021 maxed-out iMac Pro Intel running Big Sur 11.4.

This is starting to look like an ISP issue, I suspect.

Thanks for responding.

Since this site supplies nothing that can be used or even downloaded on a phone or tablet, I deliberately didn’t do mobile versions in order to force people to use a PC to view it.

No problem. It’s your call :+1: Video works perfectly on my Mac.


Thanks! That definitely makes it an ISP issue.

Works for me on desktop, fades in an the sun rises.

Thanks for confirming this. I would never have suspected that an ISP could be the source of a problem like this. I’m based in Thailand, and friends in America and the UK say it works fine for them, too.