Video content within Foundry

I have just sent the following email to the support team but having done so this may be the place to ask such a question ??

Hi Guys

I am looking to convert from using the Softpress Freeway application to that of RW + Stacks and your own Foundry Stack system

During my watching and reading of your video tutorials and documentation (which I must say is first rate - well done !!) I cannot find anywhere that confirms you having a stack that allows being able to use my own video content.

I can see that a Video Embed stack exists but I will be storing my video content on my web domain.

How is video in such circumstances best configured within Foundry ?

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind Regards

Hey there @csmltd!

Got your email as well, and replied, but thought I’d share this here in your post as well – There is not a stack within Foundry to do what you’re looking to accomplish. Doing so requires encoding your own video content, as you know, so I tried to stay away from that so that it would not trip up more inexperienced users. There are likely stacks on the RapidWeaver Community site that would allow such a thing, and should work fine within Foundry as well.