Video Embed Plugin

Is it possible to embed a Youtube Playlist with this stack?

Or if not this one can i with another?

The Video Embed tool in Foundry allows single videos, not Playlists. There is not a Foundry tool for Playlist embedding.

Can you make one :smiley: :melting_face:

ill buy it I swear :smiley:

Not at this time. I’m in the middle of a very large project. I’m sure there’s something out there already that will do this. I’m just not aware of who makes it.

Stacks4Stacks free uTube stack can accomodate playlists:

Some of his other video stacks may work as well with playlists.

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Yea I actually tested that one… it does allow for playlists but you have to add the individual videos…

I have a playlist that I update daily that I want to update on the page without interaction from me.

right now im using the youtube embed HTML but its slowing my page down

Actually it will embed youtube playlists, although there is the option to create your own playlists in the stack as you mentioned. I’ve used it many times to embed youtube playlists:


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actually its funny because you pointed me in the right direction. the same site had anotther stack called uTubeChannel. And it is doing more then I thought I would get out of it.

let me know what you think

Have a look at Video Wall here: VideoWall Stack for RapidWeaver or YouTube Gallery at CosCultur here: YouTube Gallery | CosCulture - RapidWeaver Stacks & Plugins