Video embed won't go fullscreen

When I embed a Vimeo video on a page and I click on the fullscreen button, it won’t go fullscreen - it just remains the same size.

Having a link to the website is always good…

Like @instacks said, go ahead an post up a link to the page with the problem and we can have a look at it. The Video Embed stack should allow any of the supported video types to go fullscreen, as the stack doesn’t limit the video’s capabilities in that way.

The videos I have on the Foundry tutorials page, for example, use the Video Embed stack for its videos and they do go full-screen.

Hi Adam,

I don’t have a link yet - I’m just building the page on my desktop. I realized it has to be live or in a browser for the fullscreen button to work.

Correct. The full-screen button won’t work in RapidWeaver as far as I know. Once you get it published though check and if you’re still having problems, please let me know!