Video Wall Stack in Foundry 3 solved

Spent a chunk of time fighting with Video Wall by Joe Workman. I had a lot of variables to chase down but finally got it working. Thought I would share a couple of things.

I was migrating a Foundry 2 site to Foundry 3.

The biggest bugaboo seems to have been that the small column was set to 2. When I changed it to 1, the feed suddenly appeared in the stack! (Everything worked normal in Foundry 2)

Then when I would preview it, it would show up, but when I published, it didn’t.

I deleted the social-stack folder.
I then republished the entire site, and then it worked. Eureka!

Following other suggestions from his site:

I upgraded to php 8

I got a new API Key

Got/confirmed playlist numbers

I never thought about changing the columns until the end. Hopefully it saves you some time.

Logically you will look there for the answer first, but thought it was a good head’s up.

Happy Weaving!

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