Video zoom problem

Hello - I put in the Video Zoom stack, which seems really straightforward - when I preview it, this is what I see: a black bar with the title of the video, and then when I click, a tiny video playing. I did not change any of the default settings, just the URL. I get it no matter what URL i use, even the default one. There must be an easy fix? Read the manual and watched the video - any suggestions? Thank you!

I mean I read the manual and watched the video!

Hi there @alarkin

Without being able to see the problem in action it is going to be impossible to troubleshoot it. If you’d like to send me a ZIP file containing your project file I will take a look at it when I am in the office next. Be sure to point me to the page which is having the problem when you send over the project file.

Got your project file via email after talked this morning. I loaded up your project and went to preview mode and this is what I see: video-zoom-test.mp4 • Droplr

Both videos expand and play as expected. I do see a bug it looks like with using Video Zoom inside of the Float stack. It looks like it is positioning the Video Zoom icon oddly, so I’ll take a look at that bug.

But I can’t seem to replicate the bug you mention in your original post, above.

In the video I link to above, do you see anything I’m doing differently or have a step-by-step that would help me replicate the problem?

Addendum: Looks like the icon positioning bug is an easy fix.

I look forward to seeing if we can replicate your bug though.