Visibility feature request

Could Visibility stack have note area for edit mode? Or perhaps a way to tick stack to read ‘Visibility - desktop, tablet or mobile’? Perhaps laziness but it would be handy when returning into a project or creating a new one, to see which one is which immediately. :relaxed:

You could probably do this with the foundry group stack in the short term? Bundle each visibility inside a group stack suitably labelled.

I do agree it would be a nice enhancement if the visibility stack itself displayed this information of its own.

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Hey there @TapioMichael

As @wirrah points out – the Group stack is perfect for this. Drop a Group stack on the page, then drag your Visibility stack inside of it. You can then enable Note Mode for the Group stack and add any details you like to it, as well as assign it a colored border, custom group name, and an icon. You can then even use the Collapse in Edit Mode to hide the Group’s content when you’re not actively using editing its contents.

Being that Foundry is modular, I won’t be adding a notes feature to every stack like this as it makes for a lot of redundancy. Instead it is better to use the Group stack only when you need such options.

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Perfect! Also, I am glad to found a ‘new’ stack. For some reason, I completely missed that one from my Foundry folder must have missed that one when initially created the folder.