Visitor consent in forms

I have the Potion pack, so both the Form stack and Form Pro stack. I need visitor consent before the form can be submitted (legal thing). The Form stack does this, but I don’t know how the Form Pro stack does. Am I missing something?

Hi @scruffy,

You can add a checkbox, make it a required field, and have the label read that the visitor gives consent. You can have a portion of the label be clickable text using the a-tag (to link to a privacy policy or expanded text that reads what exactly the visitor is giving consent on).

It’s what I do on my contact forms.

You can have it appear as a checkbox or a iOS/Android styled switch.



Thanks for the response. But what I am looking for is a checkbox that is both required and true (checked). That is available in the Forms stack but doesn’t appear to be in the Forms Pro stack. At the moment there is functionality in both stacks that I need, but not solely in either one of them.

What @Erwin-Leerentveld described is exactly what you want. The required property means the checkbox has to be checked otherwise the form will not submit.

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Boom. Thanks, Adam. Terminology thing.

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