Voyager Pro change RW title font

I’m not sure as I’ve looked through the Master Page settings for the theme but don’t see an option to change the font it uses? I assume this is because it is actually RW that controls that?

Hey there @MelRay!

The font selection is set by the theme itself. In this case the theme has a few different font choices for the Site Title. You can set those in the Page Inspector, as well as the Master Styles section in the RW Site Setup. It is found here:

Okay thank you. I was hoping that perhaps it could be customized even more like in Foundry where a Google font could be used. I did see that setting and played with it but I couldn’t tell any difference in the font style after I selected another option.

I take that back I do see them changing.

To use your own fonts, those not included in the theme variations for Voyager Pro, you’d need to embed the font on your own, as well as write the custom CSS that tells the Site Title to use that embedded font.

Ok then so one more question I was looking through the Master settings. How can I change the position and color of the 3 horizontal lines that represent the menu that opens when clicked?

I see this ghost box that shows up even after refresh?

The position of the Navigation Toggle is not adjustable, it is fixed in that location.

As for the color of the Navigation Toggle – that is set here in the Page Inspector in the theme variations:

I see this ghost box that shows up even after refresh?

That is the sidebar. If you place content into the sidebar it appears there. If you do not need content in the sidebar and do not wish to use the sidebar you can hide it in the theme variations, found in the Page Inspector: