VW Transporters in AUS


Nothing special. This is a personal site to keep track of local VW transporter events (and then some) we have attended and photographedl. 100% Foundry with a few judicious CSS tweaks!


Good looking site.

Thanks for the memories.


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Wow - such nice vehicles!!
as for the UX: It took me a bit of time to find the navigation „burger“ in the upper right corner… as much as I love the style of that kind of navigation – the question is, if it is functional in cases where the menu contains only a few entries…?!
Personally, I would prefer the header images to cover the entire screen. At least ¾ of it… :slight_smile:

keep on rollin´!

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I sort of agree about the navigation and it is the only Foundry site I use it on but it’s just a bit of an experimental site anyway.

I have another site that uses full page images but I think it depends on the subject matter a bit. The van images tend to be horizontally extended and would include too much background if extended vertically. But, as you say, it’s personal.

Thanks for the input