Warehouse images - whew sensitive subject here

I was starting to get a little worried about the lack of warehoused images in Foundry and upon researching this forum, it seems to have been a touchy subject. Foundry doesn’t now and probably will not in the future, support this within the stacks. Upon further inspection it appears this is pretty much solved by Stacks ability to never replicate images stored in RW Resources. I have a thousand or so images in one site alone and they are all categorized. With RW8 and Stacks 4, it appears to be a breeze to categorize into folders in RW Resources (just drag them in from the Finder) and have a nice warehouse setup. Just drop into Foundry as needed and the images will not be replicated. Linking externally to the uploaded images is a breeze too.

I think this description and behavior is accurate. Nice. Loving Foundry’s simplistic flow.


Ya never know… Foundry v2 is just around the bend… that said it would not be called “warehousing” as that isn’t a thing. :wink:


“warehousing” . . . My mama didn’t raise no fool . . . my daddy raised me!

Just how long is this ‘bend’?

Check this thread… :wink: