WCAG accessibility compliance

I am currently evaluating Foundry 2 and Foundation 6. F2 seems to be winning (better tutorials and support) but F6 has an accessibility statement (of sorts).

Here is Europe, accessibility has been a legal requirement for more than 20 years. We have to provide a VPAT for B2B clients and government bodies. WCAG 2.1 is used as the standard for measuring accessibility.

I can’t find any statement on F2 accessibility support (a must-have). Obviously, we end users are responsible for things like colour contrast and alt tags, etc., but what I need to know is the level of support out of the box.

As a example, a text form field with an associated label. Does F2 include ARIA markup in the generated HTML for screen readers? F6 says yes, but I don’t know about F2. Similarly, page navigation, pagination and modals. If we have to bring code into compliance by adding to it, then that is massively labour intensive.

Is there an F2 accessibility statement or VPAT? Or documentation about how accessibility support is integrated?


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