Weavium Kalendar stack and Foundry

Good morning all. I am just building a new website for yoga studio. What they asked for is an event calendar. What I found and what seem to suit best for my design eye, was Weavium’s Kalendar stack. A beautiful designed responsive stack which allows the usage of remote calendars from ical or google. A function I was using before with DateSnap. Anyway, all fine…except I figured out a bug on the site I’ve created. I’ve also posted a support question to Weavium but I wanted to inform you and ask if there are some known issues when using the Kalendar stack along with Foundry.

What is the problem?

  1. When I click on the details boxes inside the calendar the box gets stuck at some point, especially when you scroll.
  2. Another problem inside the details box, the 2 buttons “Tag” and “Monat” are above the content of the detail box.

Not sure if my problem is caused by Megamenu or if Foundry generally causes issues.
The URL I am happy to share and if someone sees what might be wrong, please let me know, as I can’t really figure it out.

Thank you and all the best


Unfortunately @Juergen this is going to be one that the calendar stack’s developer needs to look at for you I think.

Okay Adam. Thanks. I will post what they will reply as it might valuable for all foundry users. Enjoy your weekend

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Remember, I wanted to update you :smile:
if the Weavium’s Kalendar stack is wrapped in any other Foundry stack (Margins, Container etc.), then there will be an issue with the modal box. In the moment I placed the Kalendar stack without any other Foundry container, the modal box is displaying like expect.
Overall I really like the calendar, as it gives a great potential to display events which customers can manage remotely in their ical or google calendar apps.
Here is the Kalendar stack in action