Webdeersign Project 11 for Foundry now available

This latest project brings new features to Foundry with SVG backgrounds that scale beautifully and remain sharp with tiny size file and keep the site fast. Note how the backgrounds flow throughout the site.

Have a look at the Foundry demo at webdeersign.com/pr11demo2/ and explore the hover effects and animations. Also note how the navigation colours change depending on the colour of the page underneath. This allows using transparent navigation backgrounds that remain visible and usable at all points in the site.

The design is perfect for food based or restaurant type applications but also fits many other types of site. The project has a main page and a second page that illustrates how easy it is to alter the colours with very little editing required.

The design lends itself well to adding extra pages or to be used as a source of ready made and tested sections that can be added you any other project.

More information at webdeersign.com/projects


Awesome Stuff @webdeersign Love it.


Very nice.

FWIW, you have the Twitter and Facebook images reversed. The hover-revealed image is for the other social media type.

Twitter → reveals Facebook wording
Facebook → reveals Twitter wording

Good catch. The point about those boxes is that absolutely any type of content can be the initial view and again you can have anything in the reveal.

Edit. Swapped the text tacebook and twitter and its sorted.