Webdeersign Project 14 for Foundry is now available

P14 a set of layout demo page including an online shop, showing the type of layouts possible with our new FX stacks which are included The home page is crammed with all of the common types of layouts that the FX stacks can create. The layouts here are designed to be “cherry picked” and copied and pasted into your designs.

P14 use the Webdeersign FX series of stacks for the majority of the layouts used. The required FX stacks are included with P14 in addition to the PADDY stacks.

Also included are 2 Shop pages showing how the layouts could be used for a high value item online store. Shop2 uses the Cart2 cart stack and is configured with a working shopping cart. Yuzool have kindly provided us with a 20% off discount code for Cart2.

The FXstacks are a collection of 4 stacks to build very specific layouts such as the ones above. They are designed to be as lean as possible, and therefore fast, in RapidWeaver Edit & Preview mode, yet remain powerful and easy to setup.

FX stacks are completely adjustable for 3 breakpoint ranges, widths and fixed heights. In addition, there is optional centred content and top and bottom areas to pin content. Add in intelligent corner rounding and remote (warehoused) background images with overlay, and you have a powerful system.

Project14 includes a Foundry and Foundation version and also includes Template6 which is based on the Blankstrap free theme. They are all supplied together as one purchase and one download.

Foundry Shop demo
FX stacks


Hi, the link to the normal demo does not work…

Sorted now. Thanks for spotting that.

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