Weird Child Behaviour in Dropdown Navigation

I don’t know when it began, (it might have been post Stacks 4 release), but I noticed that a sub link in my navigation bar doesn’t work. If I click on any of the single level links in my drop down menu, they all function correctly. If I mouse over one with a sublink, the sub links don’t display, and clicking on the link neither shows the sub-links, nor goes to the page it’s linked to. (see attached screenshot).

The homepage is The navigation bar should be linking to: Kids Martial Arts in Richmond BC

And there should be 2 sub-links that show that link to:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.16

The link in the drop down for the Kids Martial Arts looks like it has child pages. The Navigation Bar stack does not allow for child pages in the drop down – meaning that child pages can not have their own child pages. Parent pages in the Navigation Bar stack do not have links, and are just placeholders… this is why the Kids Martial Arts link does not link to anything.

I would setup “Kids Martial Arts” as a Drop Down Small Header and then just put the two kids’ links under that. You don’t have that many items in the menu, and I think it’ll work better than a second layer dropdown menu.

See the documentation page: Navigation Bar Documentation


Very good suggestion @DLH.

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@elixirgraphics Ok, so obviously it never worked and I just missed it when I moved everything over from Mirage (where originally Kids Martial Arts was just a heading for a while, until the last Mirage update broke it, and I had to create a page just so I could have the program subpages.

But I’m a little confused by this line:

" Parent pages in the Navigation Bar stack do not have links, and are just placeholders… this is why the Kids Martial Arts link does not link to anything."

The rest of the child pages there, Adult, Women’s Self-Defense, etc, all link to something. I understand that they can’t have child pages of their own, but why doesn’t Kids Martial Arts at least work to go to it’s own page? (A redundant question at this point since I have to adjust everything, but I’m curious.)

@elixirgraphics & @DLH And also, since I didn’t say it, thanks guys!

I’m quite happy to put in the header, as that was my original layout waaaay back when I was using Mirage. I took the basic layout and just recreated it in Foundry after Mirage’s final update bonked everything, and I wanted my site to work on mobile again. Foundry was awesome for that, and I converted a bunch of sites using Foundry and partials quickly. I don’t use themes anymore except for ideas. Foundry is all I need.

I came up a solution I like using @DLH’s suggestion. And it only took me two minutes to do it! Thanks again guys!


These pages (bolded above) are purely child pages. They do not contain their own child pages, which would make them into parent pages. The previous “Kids Martial Arts” page had child pages of its own, turning it into a parent page, which then removed its own link and made it simply a placeholder. That said , even if it didn’t remove the link from it being a parent item, it would not properly display the “Kids Martial Arts” page’s child pages as the stack is not built for that.

New menu drop down looks great, and I think it works better, IMHO.

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I definitely think so too!


Thanks for the explanation. I really appreciate that you always take the time to patiently explain to customers why something works the way it does.

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Not a problem. Glad to do so.

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