Weird Google Search Console Error messages - User friendliness


for a long time I get weird error messages from Google. I add all my sites to the Google Search Console. Every month or so I get the messages, that 3 errors occur:

  • text is too small to read on mobile
  • content is to close to each other on mobile
  • content is too wide for mobile

Now I do not change a thing. I press “start validation” and after a while I get the confirmation that all errors are fixed.

I only work with Foundry and it happens to all sites I add to the search console.

Which leads me to the assumption that the Google crawler does a quick scan of the site and somehow gets misleading information about text size, etc.

This is out of my league. I do not exactly know how the crawler sees the site before it is completely rendered, but perhaps it happens to others as well and we can try to figure it out.

I will post this on the RW forum as well just to see who might run into this and if he is also using Foundry or another framework/theme.


To be frank, this is really the answer:

Google is revamping all of this in the coming months. I wouldn’t put any really weight into it.

Yes, it seems there is nothing we can do about it.

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