What font am I using?

I have made a test site using Foundry and a template theme and some pre made templates. So I have become muddled as to what font I am using !

(Because I took out the predetermined fonts from the pre,made template)

Here is my test site The password is domino

Im trying to find out what font im using in the top paragraph. Also would be grateful to find out how you know this. I tried looking in source … but still dont know !

You are mostly using sans-serif except for the button which is using Helvetica Neue.

This Safari extension will identify fonts: ‎WhatFont on the Mac App Store

For Chrome and Firefox there is the excellent Fontface Ninja:

They are all free.

Excuse my total ignorance, but I started installing WhatFont extension for Safari and got the warning that it can use passwords phone numbers credit cards and browsing history.

Yikes !