What format should have the pictures in the blog?

The pictures seems to big.
I decreased the pictures already.
Look to https://www.bwbshop.nl/blog/blog.php
Or is there a possibility to resize them in the editor or blog?


You should be scaling, cropping and compressing your images before uploading them into Alloy. You can use Photoshop or a similar application to do this.

Just out of interest @elixirgraphics , do you think there could ever be an image resizer/compression utility built in?
(I understand this would be a big undertaking - if even possible at all…)

There are so many great image resizing/compression options already out there. I don’t think it would be worthwhile for Adam to devote time to that, instead of delivering great stacks.

Hi @jacksona
Yes there are.
And I have used many of them.

The average user that I build websites for generally hasn’t though and most don’t even know that this would be required.

I probably should have been more specific in the question but this would be a nice to have as it would save a lot of frustration from users.

Any sizing and compression I could possibly build in would be far less good than you’d get doing it yourself.

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If you add imagemagik to your server there are scripts you can install that will monitor specified folders and process the image to whatever settings you want.

That said, the results will still be sub-par compared to doing it before upload.