What stack(s) can I use to create a "Hero" slider using an Alloy Droplet image

I’ve put this in the Foundry section, it can also go in the Alloy one.

I’m building out a new client site and top of the home page I need a full-height “hero” header slide, which will work with Alloy Droplet images. As in, the client can change the images as they require via Alloy Editor. I want be to able to float different text over each slide. I’m struggling for a solution though.

I’ve built it out with various stacks; a Regular slider with content slides and the Backdrop stack in each slide dropzone, but there is no default way to control the height of the Backdrop stack.

I then though maybe put a Position stack into each slide dropzone, that could work, but Position doesn’t support Alloy Droplets.

Does anyone have any ideas?

OK, ignore this now. Cracked it with the vert height stack and some custom css.

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You could try a Banner stack in a Content Slide. Then choose the Remote option and insert your image Droplet tag there instead of a Remote URL.

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Of course. Banner stack. I knew there was a way to do this, just couldn’t work it out.