What stack to use

Good day.

Hoping this question is not too broad.

Using Foundry and BWD stacks.

Is there a quick explanation of when I would want to use a Foundry Container or Margin stack vs. BWD Sections or Blueprint stack?

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It is a very broad question and one that would need pages and pages to fully answer your question.

The short answer is whenever you want more control over padding, margins, positioning, z-indez, layers or want more background choices such as complex gradients, CSS backgrounds, overlays, sticky columns, creating a sidebar, using SVG images, true warehoused BG images, video BGs that work on mobiles that can all work off a very handy master setting facility, then Sections or BluePrint would be your solution. They work brilliantly in Foundry.

Another quick way to answer the questions is think of BluePrint as a Container, Margin, Backdrop, Jumbotron, Overlap, Vertical Centre in one stack with all the control you would ever want.

SectionsPro can also do all of that, but SecrtionsPro is usually used to fill a display width set to hero or any % of height or width allowing Aspect Ratio to be set, as well as allowing complex positioning with animation, video BGs, etc…

You would usually add a BluePrint inside a SectionsPro. Both of these stacks are really worth getting to know and there are loads of videos and demo files to download.


Thanks - I figured it was a rather broad question. But that helps.

I was using Container, then Margin stack inside that, then BluePrint or Sections inside that and basically using more stacks than I probably needed to.

Will watch BWD vides and see how that goes.

The flip side of the coin is that if you’re only in need of margin for a specific section of the page, or need to set a width for some content, then a single use stack is better in that you’re not bloating the page with lots of unused code. So using single use stacks like Margins or Container will provide the tools you need without adding in stuff you might not be using. While the extra code might not be a problem with the published site, it will tend to slow down Edit Mode, which we all spend most of our time using.