What's the difference between Foundry and other frameworks for Rapidweaver?

Hi everyone,

Been using themes for many years. Pretty daunted by the free-form stuff currently out there. What are the differences between Foundry and some of the other frameworks that are already available for RW?

You can think of Foundry as a theme in a way, but one where you get to decide the arrangement of the page’s elements through a series of modular stacks that all work in harmony with one another.

Foundry was designed to take a complex tool, like a freeform framework, and make it both easy to use and powerful. Believe it or not, that is a lot harder than it sounds. I focused in on simplicity, trying to strip away a lot of the unnecessary options for newer users might get overwhelmed by, but still making sure that that there is a lot of power there for the more advanced RapidWeaver users.

I feel like everyone should be able to design a great looking site, no matter your skill level, and RapidWeaver is the perfect tool for that. You can opt to use a theme that has a predetermined layout for your site, or you can take it to the next level and use something like Foundry, which allows your imagination to go a bit more wild. When you’re presented with the blank canvas of a framework like Foundry though it could be easy to get overwhelmed, no matter your skill level. So my goal was to strip away that complexity and make it drag-and-drop-easy for everyone.

Some other bullet points that set it apart, I think:

  • Built around Bootstrap, the web’s most popular responsive, lightweight framework.
  • No coding necessary. While you can obviously provide your own code if you like, you won’t need to do so to get a great looking site right out of the box.
  • Good looking, easy to use, modular stacks.
  • Everything you need comes in one package.