Where can I purchase Foundry 2?

I am joining a collaboration to work on an existing project. To do so I need to match the existing software. I need to purchase Foundry 2 and also Form Pro this I understand is in Potion. I cannot find any refence to these either in the Realmacr shop or on Elixir’s web site. I have tried to follow a link to email Elixir support but that only took me to this forum.
As far as I can see it would not be economically viables to switch to version 3.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Foundry 2 is no longer in production at this time @DelS54, it and the addon packs like Potion and Thunder have been replaced by Foundry 3.

You’ll want to read the FAQ however before purchasing because the two products (Foundry 2 and Foundry 3) have different underlying code bases and aren’t cross compatible:

Thank you for your reply, I have read the FAQ that you refer to which is why I made the comment about economic viability.
I must say that I am very surprised that a developer with what appear to be a large and faithful following decided to cut the ground away from the continued support of sites that were developed by other people. I cannot remember a situation where either Apple or Microsoft have done the like.
However, good luck in the future.


I still am supporting users that have Foundry 2 currently with any questions or issues that they may have. I’ve not ceased that support. I am just not selling the older version of Foundry (v2) still. That is very much how most software works.

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Thanks for getting back. OK so the overall situation is not as bad as I envisaged, but take the situation I have:- my customer wants me to take over the maintenance of his web sites from someone who is retiring. That person has agreed to collaborate in the handover, everyone is happy. I cannot get into a position to be included. I cannot service a client with who I have along standing relationship, the previous maintainer needs to keep his setup, our joint client will soon have no support or will face a bill for rewriting or will have to freeze his site. Three losers no winners. I see that Yourhead offer old versions of stacks. So someone in the industry agrees with me.

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I am sorry that Foundry 2 is not for sale any longer now that I’ve released Foundry 3. While I plan on making sure any critical problems will be addressed in Foundry 2 should they crop up, I don’t think it would be fair to put something out there for people to buy that is not going to receive feature updates.

YourHead no longer sells Stacks 4. He supports it, but I don’t believe he sells licenses for Stacks 4 any longer.

From the YourHead site:

Likewise I still support Foundry 2 for the time being, I simply do not sell new copies of it still.