Where do I limit the whole site width?

Hello Foundryers… I’ve seen it somewhere, but I can’t find it again… Can you tell me where the whole site max width setting is hidden please ? two hours watching tutorial and looking for it… :frowning: Thank you :slight_smile:

The Container stack has a setting for max width, as well as other Foundry stacks like Banner and Jumbotron.

Hi David, thank you for you suggestion. I found it. But I was looking for a global max width setting. Any other suggestion ? Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

There is not a global setting. Having a setting for each stack allows you to mix and match since the Foundry stacks are modular. This provides variety for you layout when needed, allowing things like a Jumbotron or Banner to stretch the entire width of the page while still allowing you to set a max-width for other content on the page.

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Thanks you :slight_smile: Clear now…

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