Which icons are available (about 300)?


I’ve installed Foundry v2 this week, and am playing with it. I noticed several stacks, including Icon Bar and Accordion, I can choose an icon, from a set of about 300 icons.

Is there a preview available, so I can see all icons with their names, in one document or overview? Instead of trying them out, one by one? Like a poster listing all the icons + their names.

Best regards, Frank

It should be FontAwesome 4.7, which you can preview here:

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Hmmm… that website says:

The complete set of 675 icons in Font Awesome 4.7.0

So is it an older version of Font Awesome? Otherwise there are about 375 icons missing?

Or am I missing something else?

I think not all of them are included. But as far as I know these are part of Stacks so you can use the syntax of FontAwesome anywhere to display them… Iconbar supports more than 300 icons:

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The accordion has a dropdown list to choose from. I can’t use the FontAwesome names.
So it would be hard to know which ones of FontAwesome are in the dropdown list of accordeon, and which aren’t.

But it least I can use the FontAwesome overview, look for one I like, and then check if it’s available from the dropdown list in accordeon. That’s pretty easy to do.

Thanks for the answer. It helps me a lot!

Should someone know how I can get a poster view of only the icons of FontAwesome which are listed in for example the accordeon stack, I would still be interested. :slight_smile:

Foundry include 476 icon choices. Many of the FontAwesome icons are duplicates of one another. Take Cog and Gear for an example. Same icon in FontAwesome; listed only once in Foundry, as there’s not need to list them separately.


Oké, thank you both.
This helps me a lot.