Why does do I need a different number of </br> tags to show the same spacing?

I have an Alloy entry with three poems and to give extra spacing between each poem I put two
tags between them. I noticed that the last poem had about double the space so I change it to one
tag and now it has equal spacing. I am glad the desired outcome took place but I would really like to know why for future reference!

This is the first week I have used Alloy. The page I am referring to.

It is hard to say. It would be helpful to see the markdown file for the post in question. Could you share that with us please? Download the markdown file for that specific post, and then ZIP it up and share a download link with us please.

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Do I copy/paste the text from the editor into TextEdit and upload that? I don’t see a download markdown file option.

In the Editor you can download backups from the menu in the lower right corner or just login via FTP and download the files. Either way you like. Copy and paste will not provide what I need to see.

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Okay, here is that .md file for this blog entry.

2023-04-21_spring-poems-2023.md.zip (2.6 KB)

So, some of your paragraphs end with two spaces at the end, and others do not. That insertion of two spaces at the end of a paragraph adds a space below the paragraph thanks to markdown.

As and example you can see above that there’s two spaces the after that sentence that ends ...long ago dream?

If you make all paragraphs uniform, either with or without the added extra spaces, you should get a more consistent set of spacing.

Oh okay I can see I missed a couple lines, I was trying to add the double space to all of them. Alright that makes sense, I’ll keep that in mind for the next post. Thanks.

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