Why is the top three quarters of this page missing on iPad but not other devices?

This page turned out to be one of my favorites from the redesign. I thought the partition stack did a good job. Oddly when I tested it on iPad the entire article got lost except for this one little part at the bottom (about the book report) that is now at the top. Are there any ideas why both the desktop and phone would show the page right but not on the iPad? I think this is the only page where just part of the page shows.

Share your project file with us. It is always easier to assist with a project file in-hand.

Can I share a zipped project file directly in the forums? Or do I do that through a DM like last time? I’ll do that when I get back to my computer that has this file tomorrow.

I think I’ve mentioned it in conversations with your before, but you can use a service like WeTransfer to make a download link of your ZIP file and post that download URL here. You cannot directly upload ZIP files to the forum – or rather I would ask that you not do so.

That’s right, you mentioned the download link before. Okay I’ll do that.

Okay here is the page by itself.

You have placed the content into an Eclipse stack. That content is set to only show for visitors using Dark Mode:

CleanShot 2021-08-05 at 08.50.03@2x

Remove the content from the Eclipse stack, delete the Eclipse stack and then Republish All Files.

I see, at one point I was trying to understand the difference between Eclipse and the dark mode checkbox in the Foundry stack. I must have just left the Eclipse stack in there. Now I am getting the idea that Eclipse is more for individual items where you have a dark and light version of each item.

The reason I brought up iPad is I noticed that at the same time I was having trouble with this page another page that I accidentally re-named from the default “index” also stopped showing up on iPad (I meant to rename the folder.) It made me wonder why it only happened on iPad but at least I got both pages working now. Thanks!