Will a form work in SideSlide?

I just read that it’s not wise to put a form in a modal. Is the slideStack considered a modal? Will it work and show the ‘success’ or ‘failure’ notification once the form has been sent? If not, any other options to tuck away a form?

Yes, it is definitely a type of modal.

No, they will not see them.

I also like to have forms in modals.
Because there’s no success notification I add a note to the modal - could also be part of the form itself - saying that there will be no success notification but be assured that if the form clears, it will have been sent.
Don’t know about failure notifications.

Thanks for your suggestion. I’m currently having an issue with getting a success notification and the email nor showing up. Pretty scary! I need to be able to trust that the form was actually sent. I realize it could be sent but not received, but still. I’ve emailed from my client and things work fine, but when I fill out the form it says ‘Success’ but it never shows up :frowning: