Will Comments stack work with Alloy?

Will Stacks4Stacks stack Commentsstack work with Alloy? Is there another affordable comment stack that will work with Alloy? I just need something simple. I want to avoid Disqus because of its tracking but will use it if I have to.

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I don’t believe it will. I could be mistaken, as I’m not sure what method that stack uses for keep track of the current blog post. It would need to base it off of the current URL. This is why Disqus and Hyvor Talk are built in to the Blog Entries stack as options, as they use the current page URL for deciding which blog posts get which comments displayed.

@ger1 I also tried to use Will’s Comment stack. It does not seem to work with blogs. Specifically the Stack will show all the comments made across all posts.

To be fair, the stack seems to work great as intended: for specific pages. I too like it a lot.

I believe I asked Will about the blog post issue a year or two or more ago. I can’t remember his response but essentially he confirmed it wouldn’t work with blogs. For the stack to work with blogs would take a fair amount more work on his part. You can always asking him directly about if he’s willing to update the stack for blog posts. I also may be remembering things a bit incorrectly so I’d reach out to him

Have you tried Hyvor Talk?

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Thank you both for your reply. A couple of more questions if I may. I have yet to purchase Alloy. Alloy has Hyvor Talk and Disqus built in? Does this mean I won’t have to do any coding (beginner here)? I am not monetizing this personal site. So I’ve got this straight, Hyvor Talk $5/month no tracking, Disqus free but tracking?
Thank you.

Wow, I did not know Hyvor Talk now charges for their service. Revisiting their website … I guess it makes sense why they are doing it. It’s pretty pricey if only doing one blog. (I don’t use comments so I’m not really good at making a great recommendation.)

You need to be using Foundry. If not using Foundry, then no using Alloy. Adam has great tutorials on how to set up your blog. It’s trickier than using regular stacks the first time around … but not coding required. Please make sure to watch the videos!

Thanks mitchellm. I’ve got Foundry and will watch ALL the Alloy videos, I need all the help I can. I didn’t know adding a Comments section was an add on.

Maybe we are mis-communicating. Adding a comments section is definitely not an add-on. There are specialty stacks that come with Alloy for adding Disqus and/or Hyvor. It’s all very easy to implement at the Alloy end of things. But you’d also have to set things up with the specific commenting service you use.

You may have a really good reason for wanting a comments section. But if you don’t have a really really really good reason then I’d probably encourage you NOT to do it. Commenting on blog posts seems to have almost gone the way of the dodo bird. I read the London Times (online) every morning and the few times I check out their comments: terrible and inane. So if the London Times can’t garner good comments, who can? :slight_smile:

What I see these days (i.e. for the past 5 years or so) that IS effective is the use of a simple Twitter, Facebook, other social media links to share the article with others. I’ve seen folks use those links a lot to share interesting web articles/posts with their friends/followers.

Sorry as a beginner I may have used the wrong terminology. Interesting advice as to adding a Comments section. As an avid reader of on line news sources I too have noticed a harsh political tone from all “sides” of the spectrum creep in to even the most “trusted” news sources as well as, as you put it inane, uniformed opinions. Well informed debate is rare. As for Twittle, Faceplant and other social media, this dinosaur avoids them :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks for the advice, something to consider.

Yes, I know what you mean. For my blogs I don’t use social media either. It’s just a trend I’ve noticed. At one point commenting seemed like a great interactive idea. And I’m sure in some special cases it still is. Maybe you’re one of them!

Hi Glen, I used a simple workaround on my blog. Since I don’t need comments shown, I added a Form Stack at the bottom. So people can leave me a reaction (by email). It’s just to get some feedback from my readers, not to start online discussions. Maybe this works for you too?



@Panans This is a great idea! I think I’ll “borrow” the idea from you.

Where exactly do you put the form stack? full entry? summaries? I’m assuming you put in full entry but double checking.

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@mitchellm , this is my blog (in dutch). On the homepage I give the reader the possibility to be on a mailing list (Form Pro) or follow trough RSS feed and where to find the plug in’s. When you click on an article you find a form at the bottom if you want to react.

In my RW project the Form Pro is located in the Conditional, under the Blog Entries.

Hope it’s clear like this.

Cheers, Hans

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Yes, that’s perfectly clear. Nice example!


Thanks Panans. This seems like a good work around until I can figure which direction to take with my first ever blog and/or website.

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