Wish/improvement for Alloy?

Hello @elixirgraphics

When I create a new blog post, I wish there were two fields.
One for summary and one for content.

Summary is displayed in blog entries, not content field. If you understand what I mean?

I am afraid I am not clear on what you’re requesting. Are you wanting a Custom Summary field?

If so, that already exists. Check the Editor stack’s documentation. It is in the Add / Edit Post section of the page.

If that is not what you mean then I’m going to need more details and / or a clearer explanation.

Where do I enabled custom summary field?

I gave you that answer above. Please read the documentation that I referred you to above for the Editor stack.

Yes. This is what I was looking for :grinning:

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I linked to the page for you so I am unsure what you cannot find.

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