Working on some Foundry 3 updates for March

Just a quick update on what I’ve been working on for Foundry lately —

I’ve got several updates in the works for Foundry 3 right now. I’ve tackled a few bug fixes that I’ve had reported, added some features to existing tools and I am even working on some new tools as well.

I’d hoped to push this all out as one update this week sometime between February 27 and March 3, but I’ve had a lot of support emails and forum posts lately, as well as I needed to ship updates for Alloy and Flux this week, too. And to release the new tools I also need to create their documentation.

Additionally I haven’t forgotten about recording more videos for Foundry 3. I have plenty on my list I want to make still. That said we’re repairing the stucco on the outside of our house right now so we’re inundated with the melodic sounds of pressure washers and such currently. So for the time being it is headphones and coding for me.


Quick update on this — I’m hard at work on the new tools I mentioned above, but I don’t want them holding the other updates back. So I’ll release an update early next week with bug fixes, improvements, etc and then later in the month release some new tools in a separate release.