Wow on the new website and new stacks!

I got the email this morning and looked at 3 new stacks! I have been playing with Shutter all day, love it! I just wanted to add that your implementation on Bootstrap as well as how your stacks are really self explanatory make it much easier to understand and use that some other frameworks. You do an awesome job of building great tools. Thanks!


Thanks for the incredibly kind words. They mean quite a lot.

Thanks. Though you’ll definitely want to watch the Flux videos before diving into that one. Trust me there. :laughing::joy::rofl:

In all seriousness though I hope you and everyone else is enjoying the new stacks. They’ve been in the works for quite some time.

PS — seriously, be sure to watch the Flux videos. They’re definitely necessary. :wink:


Flux was a instant buy… played around a little bit, I love it! (Also bought Orbit 2 and Gravitate, might pull the trigger later on Shutter too)

And the new design is also awesome!


Same here - great additions!

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Watching already… :rofl::joy:


Thanks. I know it has a steep learning curve, but I think it is worth it. My goal was to make something that was capable of building complex layouts, sort of like you could with YourHead’s old Blocks plugin, but also give it the ability to work within a responsive environment. Hopefully I came close to this goal.

Thanks! Means a lot!

Nice setup! It is odd to me to see the surface of a desk. I think mine has a surface somewhere. Maybe I should find it.


Flex Box is a biest. I am using it in some of my development projects, and your tutorial video was a great help for my “day job” as-well.

I am super lazy person, so I try to keep my workspace clean to avoid cluttering :joy::rofl:


My thought too! I was looking at picture, thinking I wish my desk looked that clean!


I think that @HeikoK should offer an online course on keep your desk and work area tidy. I bet your macOS desktop is clean, too isn’t it @HeikoK? You do not want to see the mess that is my Mac desktop. :laughing:


Uhm… Almost.
Depends on the tasks, but I tend to save workfiles / temp files, screenshots and such, on my desktop. So during a work day, it might look like yours :joy:

(The secret is my Downloads folder… If this would be my desktop, oh man :rofl:)


@elixirgraphics , Adam !!! Flux !!! You rock!
Watched all the videos and immediately bought Flux. This is a game changer.

Thanks for another great piece of art.



Really? I only had eyes for the images behind the monitor. :joy:



( shameless plug: My Work | Heiko Kanzler Photography )

Nice site, and awesome work! :+1:

Oh, thanks for the shameless publicity and the entertaining diversion. No, seriously. The photos are really great and Adam’s new stacks are also very good and a real enrichment.

I am loving Shutter
Works great and does almost anything I could ever want.

Dear Adam, also from me: Congratulations. Instantly purchased my copies of Flux and Orbit 2.
Your Stacks are simply amazing :smile:

Cheers, Jürgen

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