Wrong banners on 2 pages

Using RapidWeaver 8 with Foundry 2 . Https://mysofla.com on page what I do and contact banner images are not the ones I picked . all good on preview , but when published banner images change . if I check with Chrome or Firefox they each show different banner images.
MacBook Air with Catalina… Thx in advance

Hi there –

If you’d care to share a link to download your project file with us I’m sure one of us could help out.

It would help if we knew which images should be appearing or are appearing and are wrong.

Also, your images are way too big for use on a website. They make your home page extremely slow to load. You have multiple images in the slider. Two of those are 3mb, one is 4.7mb and one is 5.9mb. That’s a total of 17 megabytes just for those images that need to be downloaded. Those should be resized much smaller and then optimized. You can likely get them in the 200-350kb size range each, and they will still look good.

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They have been resized

miaminite should be with what I do
the other with contact
on chrome the contact page is correct , but not the what I do page
those two pages are different with safari , chrome and Firefox

I can only send 1 image new member I guess

Thanks for the advice on images , already been done… also I checked site with other Mac looks good there, so problem was clearing cache … All Good Thanks again