Wrong post creation sequence

Alloy´s editor does not maintain the order of creation of the posts that I create today.

In the image you can see that the editor assigns the wrong sequence, I put numbers in the title for better understanding.

I also observed that, although in my city today is May 24, 8:30 pm, the editor shows the date of May 25.

My host is Chillidog, and I don’t think there is that much of a time difference.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 8.42.20 PM

Did you set the timezone in the Alloy Stack to the location of the timezone of your area? That is part of the issue. As for the out of order posts, @elixirgraphics will need to address that.

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Ooopss…my fault, thanks for the heads up Steve_J

@peppermint It looks like when multiple posts are on the same day that the posts are displayed in alphabetical order. At least that’s what your screenshot shows. I’ve also had the same experience. I typically do not have multiple posts on the same day and when I have then I simply ordered by date (i.e. I created some made up dates to get them in the order I wanted).

@mitchellm Thank you for taking your time to answer. It is possible that the posts of the same day are ordered in the way that you say. Indeed, I put a letter in sequence (a, b, c …) at the beginning of the title and they were rearranged.
It would be very useful in the next updates of Alloy the possibility of the creation time in the settings.


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Hi there @peppermint

Glad you got the timezone stuff worked out with the help from @Steve_J.

As for the ordering of the posts from the same day. Since Alloy doesn’t use a time, only a date for its posts the sorting stops there. Then a standard alpha sort takes over. This alpha sort wasn’t by design, it just is a fallback sort. But since there’s no time data posts added on the same day will not be in the order they’re created.

I’ll at adding some sort of time data to posts. It will help with this sorting behavior when posts are created on the same day, as well as some other things that could likely benefit from time data. This won’t be a small task though unfortunately. It will take rewriting some of the post parsing code I wrote for Alloy as well as figuring out a way to implement it without destroying people’s existing posts and what not. This added feature will likely need to be a part of a much larger update.


Hi @elixirgraphics-
I understand perfectly, thanks for your clarification. At least now I know it’s not because of something I was doing wrong.
Alloy is a fabulous tool and it is very pleasant to work with it, I will try to find some way to solve the order issue.

Best regards

If the date they are published on doesn’t matter, you can just set the dates to incremental dates.

Also thank you very much for the kind words!!