Yoga Studio Website

Yoga Torquay

Yoga Studio website built in Foundry. Has an Alloy blog + Chroma stack for Nav bar customisation on homepage. Constructive feedback and critique is most welcome. Thanks, James

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That’s a lovely site. Really like the gradient backgrounds. Subtle but very effective.

On initial look two things stand out…

  1. Menu item text too small/narrow/light. Looks like something like a 200 weight, I’d up it, to maybe even 400 and increase the font size slightly.
  2. The background in the menu bar fades in too slowly to hide the content in the main header section when it scrolls up after clicking the classes button. This is a personal thing, but it really bugs me when this happens. I’m guessing you’re using Chroma, so I’d speed up the colour change transition, so that by the time the text in the header meets the menu bar, the background is already a solid colour.
  3. The while border on the header image feels a little stark to me. I’d make it slightly transparent, to take the edge off it. Or maybe change it to match the colour of the header underline.

Thanks @TemplateRepo . These are all super helpful suggestions that really work:

Following your advice, I just increased the weight of the menu to 400, sped up the colour transition on the Chroma menu + also have taken the outline of the image down to 70%. i think these are all great improvements.
Thanks for your help, J

Edited version:

Site looks amazing - very impressive! Great suggestions from @TemplateRepo (as usual) :+1:

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Happy to help. All suggestion are purely a personal thing, I’m no expert at this stuff. I’m just a bit fussy :wink:

And saying that…

I’d still bump up the menu font size a bit.

This is as you have it, 14px…

This is it with the font at 16px (in most cases the min size I use for menu items)…

And if I were being really fussy, I’d increase the letter spacing a bit too, like this…

I can’t recall if letter spacing can be set in the settings, so this css should work if you want to go that route.

.nav.navigation_bar {
    letter-spacing: .05rem;

Helvetica Neue is quite a narrow font, fine (IMO) for body, but it always feels a bit squished in headers and menus etc. to me. Switching the body font to Open Sans or maybe Montserrat might be worth a try.


thanks @TemplateRepo . I’ve just tried going bigger/more space, but it leaves me running out of space for items on Tablets. I think i’ll leave it + also I like the contrast between the wide letter spacing on the site title and little spacing on the menu items. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. James

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I think it’s a smashing site. The only thing that keeps bugging me is that I think the circle image on the home page needs to be slightly bigger so that the top and bottom align with top of BOOK NOW and the bottom of the Classes button.

At the moment it looks like its centred and given it’s the only photo on the page, I’d prefer to see it a little larger. But it’s a lovely site.


thanks @Rob, I’ll see how it looks a bit bigger.