Your site can be great - I offer RapidWeaver help and Webdesign

Your RapidWeaver project does not look like you want it to?

My name is Jan Füllemann. I have been using RapidWeaver for quite some time now. I create RapidWeaver sites for everyone at a fixed price. I love to make your site look good, add SEO and to have a reliable technical structure. I design websites with the Foundry Framework so you can take over once we developed your new site.

Whether you are stuck in your website development, are overwhelmed which all the possibilities or simply do not have the time to build the site yourself - let me be your partner for your RapidWeaver project. From the free initial consultation to the finished online presence.

Once recent testimonial:

Jan did an incredible job re-designing my Rapidweaver website. He was fast, knowledgeable, very reasonably-priced, and easy to work with. He always responded very quickly to my emails and texts. He listened to what I wanted/needed and made some great suggestions to improve and simplify my site.

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Personal, friendly, reliable:
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Why is your own site not bilingual? Warum ist deiner eigener Website nicht Bilinguistisch? : )

But good to know you can help Foundry-builders.

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Hi, it is - at least for the main pages and It depends on the selected language of the browser. If this is set to de, you see the german page, in all other instances you see the english site.

For the subpage /rapidweaver I have the english site only at the moment as the program is english and most communication here as well.

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Ah, a clever solution : )

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Is there an hourly rate that you generally go by or does it depends on the problem at hand? Enquiring minds want to know :slight_smile:

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Short things or tips are free, of course. Everything else is based on the circumstances. Payment is due only if the results are satisfactory and for a completely new website I offer a free first design. Of course if we do not continue working together the design is not allowed to be used :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply - in my case, I’m more designer than someone who works under the hood, and choosing the best approach is sometimes an unknown for me. For instance, when I first started learning some of this stuff (using Foundry) I would use containers and margins in ways where, even though things looked like I wanted them to look, I did it it ways which were cumbersome, finicky, and bloated. While going through the tutorials is always helpful, most of the info is (rightly) about how to do something, not why or when. In the example I just mentioned, I’m still a bit insecure about my approach and it would be great to get some basic facts. It’s kind of like I know how to drive a car, but I don’t know the rules of the road :slight_smile:

As I try to learn more next year and use it consistently for a few projects, I’m sure I’ll be reaching out. I’ve seen you on the forums for quite a while, and your as helpful and involved as any of the (few) outstanding developers. It’s much appreciated and I wish you success on your new venture!

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Just drop me a mail for anything I can help you with :slight_smile: