Zoom not enlarging pictures, but making them smaler!

I have build a site:
with zoom on every picture, using all the latest versions of MacOS, RW, Stack, Foundry, Potion Pack. On my machines everything works fine, but my client has an issue, strange enough only on his notebook (Windows, he couldn’t tell me which OS, which size), but not on his desktop (same Windows than on the notebook according to the client), that the zoom doesn’t enlarge the picture but makes it smaller, and just places the picture somewhere else on the screen.
Has anybody met this issue? Any considerations about it? I don’t know what it could be, and can’t find no threads in this community about it.
Thank you for your help or suggestions

@6harps Adam can answer this question better than me!

… but that webpage takes a LONG time to load. I’m guessing it is due to very large images (in terms of kb/Mb). That causes one problem.

I have used lightbox effects a lot on my sites (although not specifically using Zoom). On some devices it is true the images end up a bit smaller. I mainly notice this on phones. It does not seem like the lightboxing (or zooming in your case) is doing anything wrong: it’s just filling the image with some suitable padding/margins to best fit the space available.

… as for placing the image somewhere else on the screen … I have no idea! But again the images seem to be very large, and maybe that contributes to the problem.

Your site took aprox. 24 seconds to load here for me, over a pretty good internet connection. As @mitchellm points out you have a great deal of images that are quite large. This not only slows down the visuals from loading slowly, but other code on the page, too.

As for Zoom images getting smaller when clicked – The stack’s javascript library is designed to not expand the image if it would only get smaller by activating the Lightbox. Have a watch of this short video to see what I mean: zoom-example.mp4 • Droplr

This is the behavior that I demonstrate in the video linked above is what I see here when loading your site as well.

As for Windows – if we don’t know the OS and the browser name and version your client is using we can’t troubleshoot it. Foundry supports Edge on Windows. Most of Foundry will work in IE 11 as well, but some things do require Edge as mentioned on the Documentation page.