2 Control centres at the same page

Hi, I am using Foundry 3 and I would like to use couple of Foundry 2 stacks.
Question: can I add foundry 2 control centre to the page along side with with the current Foundry 3 control centre?
Ps: I’ve tried it and it looks ok, but not sure if there are any implications when the site is live.
Thanks for your inputs.

I do not believe it’s possible to mix Foundry 2 and Foundry 3 in any way.
What Foundry 2 stacks do you want to use? Someone might be able to suggest an alternative method within Foundry 3.

Thank you for your input, I like Display stack in F2 and I am not able to get same layout in F3 using different stacks.

As @forbesrodney says, you cannot mix Foundry 2 and Foundry 3. You’re asking for a world of trouble doing so. You also cannot have more than one Control Center on a page.

Try using the Card tool in Foundry 3.

@elixirgraphics, LOL " You’re asking for a world of trouble doing so". Thanks Adam for your reply. will try using Card as suggested!.