3 tier navigation in Foundry

hi everyone - does anyone know if its possible to add a third tier of navigation with any of of the Nav stacks in Foundry. I cant find a way to do this. E.g. like the example below:
Any help much appreciated.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a way. Not that it can’t be done, just I’ve never tried it. I suspect with a bit of lateral thinking it’s possible. But, without wanting to come across as patronising, have you thought about how it’s going to work on small screen?

I’ve never seen a way that multiply dropdowns work on mobile, so it might be a better approach is to rethink the whole menu?

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The Foundry navigation stacks do not contain a stack for making site navigation systems like this. We normally advise that such deep navigations are more of a hindrance than help for your visitors. Additionally as @TemplateRepo points out, these sorts of deeply nested navigations generally do not work great on mobile devices.

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I was looking for a drilldown type effect on Mob - like an accordian menu.
I’m working on a site thats pretty big and I cant so far find a way to incorporate all the pages without another level of navigation.
Have to go back to drawing board, as I want to keep using foundry for the site.
Praps I can put the extra pages in the 2nd tier and indent them.

I have used the “drill down” type menus in the past. The older 60+ people (I fit in that group), just found it too confusing to find things in the site. The second tier of the menu stack can be the “landing page” for the pages below, but spaced out with a decorative page pointing to the links underneath that category page. I am not a webpage designer, but this is just my opinion.


Go to @elixirgraphics website. Look at how he used the (correction: Nav Pro) to layout his sites navigation. He basically split up the site into sub sites. His top level nav is basic, with the exeception of the Hambureger menu to right. Large sites, especially with Rapidweaver are more easily managed by seperate project files, sub-domains and split navigation like the https://elixirgraphics.com is.

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Just a quick note to say for anyone looking at building a navigation like that on the Foundry, Alloy or Elixir sites – I used Navigation Pro for those.