50% Sale on FOUNDRY Projects now active

50% off everything until end of 1 April. Just use the code paddy at checkout.

There is a new stack and Foundry Project almost ready to release in the next few days which will also be included in the sale.


Hey @webdeersign – I’ve adjusted the category for your post to be in a brand-new category I just built for the discussion of pre-built project files. This new category will be a place for users to visit to see announcements regarding 3rd-party pre-built project files and topics relating to them.


Good idea. Thanks. 123456789

Please, let’s not add junk to posts just to fill out the required amount of text. :wink:

I literally wanted to say “Good idea” and to say “Thanks” but couldn’t complete the post because there is a 20 character limit imposed on this forum. So unless I posted some other characters I could not send the post.

PS Only explaining this here because some viewers who are unaware of the 20 character limit, may not understand your or my comments.

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What’s this limit good for?:thinking:

And thanks @webdeersign for the great offer!

End of April 1 at BST midnight. However I usually extend it by another day because there are always a few who miss it.

I thought I made my request pretty nicely and that the request was not some crazy, undoable thing. It is simply – “Please, let’s not add junk to posts just to fill out the required amount of text.”

Your same post could meet the minimum character limit requirement without random junk being tacked on to it. Even if you wanted to say exactly what you did you could have quote the original post and been fine.

If you didn’t feel a quote necessary you could simply write more full sentences (which is what the minimum requirement is there for) such as “That is a good idea. Thanks for adding the new category.”