5th Foundry project by Jan Fuellemann


###A quick new website for a client who is working as an expert for ground reports and construction supervision.

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Very nice! It loads quickly too :slight_smile:

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Thank you :grinning:

Hello Fuellemann, what parallax addon have you used?


It’s not a parallax addon. It’s the Foundry Banner stack with the Scroll to stack.

The lower part under the banner and the text is made from the Foundry Card stacks.

All of that page can easily be made using Foundry stacks.


Hi @Ribse in this project, just the Foundry tools. At http://in23.de I have used the Heroic Banner from 1ld (One Little Designer) at http://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/heroic-banner/


Hi Jan,

Looks like you have used also the Siphon stack from 1LD correct?
And which stack have you been using to make the property Portfolio? -the portfolio looks good.


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Hi, yes the Siphon stack is great :slight_smile: The portfolio is an iframe - the contact comes from a sw company for real estate agents, called onoff software.

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Thanks so much Jan, yes indeed the Siphon stack is great. I’m using it myself on a project that I’m working on.
Ok will have a look at the Onoff Software.


Thanks for de information.