A big thank you to Adam!

A big thank you to Adam :slight_smile:, and the Elixir forum as well, has shown that he is always up to helping Foundry users, as well as keeping in mind that this is a single person who is behind Foundry, it’s not a team. Foundry has proven to be a solid framework and continues to grow …
Thanks Adam :+1:


Yes Adam does a great job. The fact that he is just one person is a strength and that’s how he can keep on top of things and respond so quickly and also develop a strong vision of where Foundy is going.


Thanks for the kind words you two. I appreciate it. I’m going to go ahead and close out this thread. While I appreciate the pat on the back I don’t need a thread for it. Just keep building awesome things with Foundry! That makes me the happiest! :smiley:

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