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Hi everyone. I am looking for a stack that my users can utilize to download a PDF file. Some of the artists customers would prefer to download a PDF file and fill it out by hand as opposed to typing it in our website. So I need to get some type of stack or someone can download a PDF form and print it and mail it in. Can someone help me find a good downloader stack? I tried true download 2 from DooBox, but I got no luck with that.

@gmedlock Why did the True Download stack not work for you?

One approach is

  • on Mac OS to right-click on the PDF, or folder of PDFs, that you want to download
  • choose compress (this will make it a zip file/folder
  • upload file to your server (I create a dedicated folder with a name like “downloads”)
  • get the URL of the compressed file (most FTP apps will do this easily)
  • within Foundry create a link, or a button and use the copied URL as your link address
  • this will result in auto-downloading when user clicks on link or button

You can always try putting the zipped file/folder in RW resources and creating a link to that. It’s not an approach I use but it should work fine.

I’m guessing at all of this as the True Download stack you mentioned works fine. So I don’t know what step in the process caused a problem for you.

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I used Download 2 in Foundry 2 and it worked fine. I just used with Foundry 3 and it doesn’t work.

Did you ever find a resolution?

……oh I think it needs to be a zip file!

@stevec On the True Download stack it states:


Works perfectly fine with Zip files. Does not work for me with PDFs (the counter goes up 1 indicating a download, but download does not actually happen). I think the PDF statement is either a typo or stack needs to updated. Don’t know which. At any rate, I’ve always used Zip files only so did not notice this PDF anomoly until now.


@gmedlock @stevec Just checked the Doobox website and it states the download file needs to be in a Zip format. Doobox writes:

Point the stack at a zip file, and start keeping count.

So zip (compress) the PDF first, then all should work fine.

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That worked. Thanks.

But another thing, when I bought this product, it said that you could download PDF files. As a matter of fact, on the settings, it gives me the option to use PDF files. It sounds to me like there’s a glitch in the code.