A note on the Initial Letter setting in the Paragraph stack

I had a user present a bug report to me about the new Initial Letter feature found in the Paragraph stack today.

It seems the drop cap created by the CSS initial-letter property has a bug in Safari (which is coincidentally the only browser that supports this property so far) where it will not allow a non-websafe font to be applied to it. Currently if you assign a Google font, for example, to a Paragraph with an Initial Letter feature enabled you’ll get a fine looking drop cap in RapidWeaver, but in Safari the drop cap falls back to the web safe font.

I’ve tried several things to for the styling of the Initial Letter, but it just doesn’t want to work. It appears this is a bug with Safari itself, unfortunately.

For now the websafe font is being applied. Hopefully Apple will fix this bug in a future version of Safari as the Initial Letter property is very useful and prevents us from bending over backwards with awkward CSS floats that just don’t line up perfectly.

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Thank you for the update Adam.

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