A stack which will "stick" to the bottom of another stack

Prompted by a post on this forum, I’ve installed the excellent “Filter” stack.
I’ve set it up as an equal height grid.
I’d like to find some way of fixing a link button so it appeared at the bottom of each Filter Item, so that across the whole grid the buttons would all line up regardless of the other content in the Filter items.
I imagine it would also be useful - for me - in stacks like Foundry’s Columns set to equal height
This is the look I’m after

You’ll probably want to contact the Filter stack developer regarding this feature request for their stack.

A stack to achieve this for all situations is much more complex than it sounds. You’d need to incorporate it into individual stacks on a case by case basis for the most part. Ensuring good compatibility across a number of different stacks with something like this would be quite tough, if I’m understanding your request, as you can’t account for how all other stacks are built or designed.

Maybe this:

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Thanks for the feedback.
The bottomstick stack looks good as it seems to apply to any grid stack.
Will certainly check it out.


Check out Sections Fix from BigWhiteDuck. His stacks play very nice with Foundry and are easy to use and free (or by donation).


Thanks Kah. That really looks like what I want. Love the way BWD’s Sections Fix example exactly matches my original mock-up.

Have you used this stack - so far it seems the best alternative.
It’s just that I am confused about the product info which says it is a “Responsive Stack that allows you to ‘stick’ a stack to the bottom of the BottomStack” which seems to me that it goes into a BottomStack which I can’t find on DeFliGra’s site and I haven’t heard back since emailing them about this a few days back.

Hi, no haven’t used the stack. Looks from his demo page, that it’s just a column stack that has a extra dropzone set to bottom align (stick to the bottom) info, such as a button.

Thanks for that. Perhaps at the price I should just give it a go.

Let me know if it works out, I’m going to pick up a couple of his stacks as well

I bought the DeFliGra BottomStack stack a bit reluctantly because I still haven’t had a reply to my original query - see Jan 13 post in this thread.
Having got the stack though it seems that the stack goes into an Equal Height Stack (which comes bundled with the Bottom Stack) - which isn’t what the product page says.
I found the whole stack set up confusing and clunky, and Andrew from BWD has queried whether it will work anyway. So I’ve abandoned it for another day and in the meantime am using BWD’s Section Fix Pro stack. It has its limitations in Filter Stack but I’m happy enough with the result.
Thanks for your interest