A sticky navbar at bottom?


I’m tryin to figure out which NavBar I will use for my site. I kinda like the idea of my navbar being at the bottom of the screen instead of the top. And I want it to stick there and slide into place when you reach the bottom. Is there a way to do this in foundry?
I have Foundry Thunder Potion and Alloy.


You’ll have a few challenges with having navigation on the bottom. All navigation stacks included in Foundry are designed so that drop-down (sub-menus) drop below the main menu button. If they are placed at the bottom of the window, there will be no where for them to display.

If you are going to have a simple navigation system without sub-menus, then you can use the Sticky Content stack to pin the menu to the bottom.

If you are going to want drop-down submenus or in your case drop-up submenus, then you’ll have to find a navigation stack that does that.

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The usability aspects centered around a navigation bar that is always at the bottom of the browser are problematic. This is why you don’t normally see navigation for websites designed this way.

The only RW theme I can think of with navigation at the bottom is Legacy by Michael David Designs - HOME - so personally I’d think again. There’s a reason most sites have navigation at the top, at the side or as an overlay.



Michael created a nice portfolio of themes, does anyone know if he still supports his products? Been a while since he created anything new

@stackJunkie – This would be better posted to the Realmac forums or directly to MDD’s website.